Monday, December 21, 2009

Men...such a good player :)

-i used broken english in this post-

well , my day remain as the previous day . BORING is the perfect word to describe it . gahhhhhhh , bosannye . kalau ade pakwe boleh jugak mengendeng HEHEHEHE . yehhh , i keep mention-ing bout bf , my personal life again and again in the previous posts . well , this time would be same HEHEHEHE . i wanna talk bout ......... man . HEHEHE . as u know , i'll only update my blog if i really really in a boring mood . my cousin'll going home today in 20 minutes more , perhaps . hahhhhhh , i have to mengadap Nath's facee all day long after thiss . okayy , lets just brief it !

Man , many words can be used to describe them . bad words of course HEHEHEHE . i love to read a blog that i cant mention his name here . he talked bout girls a lott ! nahhh , die downkan para gadis sebenarnye . di mata dia , mans always right . eeeee excuse me gentleman , based on a professional researched , lelaki yg paling banyak menyakitkan or in 'beautiful-word' is mempermainkan perasaan para gadis dan wanitaa . big fat lier to ! hah , still cant believe it ? these are the examples that happened in my OWN life .

example 1 - Azam form 3 .

he texted me non stop all day long . untill one day , God wanted to show me the real him . i went to KP with my bro and sis . he texted me and said he was at his cousin's house . when we were walking infront of KFC , i saw him and his friend in the KFC . Woahhhh , such a great player . and after that incident , he never text me . we lost contact lepas tuu /

example 2 - Awal form 4 .

he already owned by someone but he still texts me and calls me till now . and i feeling guilty towards his gf . ohh , fyi his gf is my so-called friend lah jugak kan . he asked me to hangout together . only both of us . he was insane HEHEH . tak sanggup akuuuuuuu -________- ohhh he so-called cheating lah jugak kan ? sbb he asked someone else to go out with him without his gf knowledge . giloooooooo !

example 3 - Naim(bukan nama sebenar)form 5 .

one day , he texted me and said he was at the hospital to visit his friend yg terlibat dlm kemalangan . 3 days later , i received a call from my friend . she said she saw my ex with my bro and ladies in his car . i was like 'whatthefuck ! he said he was visiting his friend that time' . i asked him but he refused to admit . i asked my bro and finally die mengaku . ohhh such a big lier !

example 4 - Nazmi form 5 .

he said he was with his friend . oh thank god , my bro came home and showed me a video . OMG . it was my ex with a girl were riding his motorcycle . ahhhhhh . i though she was his friend . rupa rupanye , she was his second gf . ahhhhhhhhhh . i felt so down ! he cheated on me . started from that time , i never believe any man . hahhh , im serious !

example 5 - Hakim (bukan nama sebenar) form 3 .

after i broke up with him , my friend came to me and said ' im sorry if what im gonna say hurts you ' then she said my ex used to ask her to be his couple . time die mintak cple dgn member i tu , kite tgh couple . errrrrr , bapak ahhhhhhh ! hah , playerrrr kannnn ?

so peeps , dah percaya ? kejadian-kejadian maut di atas tu bukan jeee jadi in my life . perempuan di sekeliling akuu semue dah kene benda yg same oleh lelaki durjana yg berlainan . well , not all men like this kann ? as i said in previous post , only 5% men are faithful with their partner . the rest semue unfaithful . perempuan pulak , its vice versa . only 5% women are UNFAITHFUL . perhhhhhhhhhhh . guane gamok gini ! dokleh kaweng ah gini gaye napoknye HEHEHE . baru nak rase malam pertamaaaa :D HEHEHEHEHEHE .

the one who's already matured bout love ,
Echa De' Sequerah . ohh fyi , nama family my dad is De' Sequerah George. so , bukan ciptaan yee :) well , they're not malay .

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